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Ok, Here’s an old time story…
Back when I went to architecture school and students would say, “Well, I don’t want to change that because:

That’s not my STYLE!”

And the professors would say,

“You are too young to have a style!!!”

And of course I thought I wasn’t too young.  And those words were only mentioned once to me and by the same person I mentioned in a past blog… the project that went wrong and the only project i ever threw out.
And I don’t know if I had a set architectural style yet and I am not sure that I do even today because I think a design might be dictated by the project and the client’s program and quite possibly their style.

I think that by my age, I have a style or I have been told that I have a style or people have said that they like my style and I think that it is a style of contrasts, which is why sometimes people have a hard time reading me or they think that I don’t know what my style is. These are usually people who are not in the arts.  These are usually people who I don’t share tastes with.  These are people who might be known as”
These are people who say, “oh, ya, you like plain things”
and I say, “i prefer to use the word, “simple”.
Or, why don’t you put some orange pillows on that black leather sofa of yours?
(Because I don’t want the color orange in my house except at halloween or in a fruit bowl)
Or, why don’t you add a bold necklace to that sweater you’re wearing?
(because i just don’t like them on me snagging my sweaters)

Because, I am pretty sure I know how to dress myself at this age.
And, I am pretty sure that I know how I want my house to look, it is just the huge budget constraint that is holding me back from doing exactly what I want in Real Materials
But thanks to all of those who have felt the need to express that.

Like if you are going to even try and buy me a gift, make it something white, black, gray, stainless steel, silver, glass, wood or leather.

But looking over the years, I think that my style is one of contrasts.

DSCN5261 (2).JPG

So probably the easiest way to show style for me, is just to show you.

Black Sunglasses:
DSCN5281 (2).JPG

These are some of my old ones and the new ones, all the same.  I manage to break an arm off of them and then stick them in an old case on my chest of drawers.

Black turtlenecks
tees, dif colors
Bootleg jeans
Black yoga pants
Long sweaters
Long skirts
Black coats
Black boots
Black clogs

IMG_2999 (3).JPG

DSC_0344 - Copy (2).JPG

Furniture and textiles,and dining
White sheets
Blue duvet covers and
A lot of pillows
Leather couch
Orrefors Crystal
Wedgwood china
Gorham silverware

IMG_3009 (2).JPG

DSCN5283 (2).JPG

DSCN5282 (2).JPG

Art Deco
International Craftsman
My own architectural style when I am not trying to adhere to an existing style is more of a solid/void expressed with intuitive playfulness.
WTH does that mean?  It means that if there is a solid wall, i like to break it up with a window and it may not seem like there is a reason, but it will have a benefit that is intuitive and maybe won’t be explained but makes perfect logical sense.
Why is there a window there? Well, because you have a dark stair but you have a clerestory and i am bringing northern light into the space for your painting here :)

As I said to a client recently… “I don’t always explain everything to you, but there is a method to my madness,,,”

kaplanscan4 - Copy.jpg

This was #architalks 23, if you would like to see other architects" have to say, please follow the links below, but always have your own style :)

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Architectalks 23 - Style


  1. This made me smile: "I don’t want the color orange in my house except at Halloween or in a fruit bowl."

    I look forward to your future ArchiTalks posts.


    1. thanks collier! i think i am finally getting to know who is who with their many aka's. i do want to tell a story, but it would have to be under a pseudonym, like i say when people ask if i want to get my name to the top on google... with a name like this, but i'm already at the top on google...

  2. I enjoy the "Method to your Madness"

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