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The SEVENTH Annual #holidaygiftlist for "I've never met a woman architect before...

Eve Guilbaud, LEED AP
of Loewen Windows

Eve Guilbaud, LEED AP
Eve is the Southern California Architectural Manager at Loewen, the leading
manufacturer of premium windows and doors for the luxury architectural market in NorthAmerica and abroad.
A LEED Accredited Professional, she holds a General Building Contractor license and
ran her own design-build firm for 15 years. Prior to that, she worked in advertising
research and strategic planning at the Los Angeles Times. She graduated from the
Sorbonne University in Paris with a Master's Degree in Economics & International
Eve Guilbaud, LEED AP
Architectural Territory Manager - Southern California
Loewen Windows & Doors 
For technical information please visit Loewen – Architectural Services

n my pursuit of giving people gift ideas (probably because I see gift lists in magazines and I say:
Another candle? I still have 43 left over from the last 10 years.... yes, I get it, they smell good... they cover up the smell in the bathroom, the kitchen, wherever you don’t clean... BUT

you don’t need any more candles...

And if you don’t like any of the gifts here, or on the last seven lists that I have posted just do the person a favor and 
Just ask them!!!!!

So I asked the Facebook "Mothers in Architecture" group and Eve Guilbaud:

"Ok, it's time for the 
"I've never met a woman architect before..." Holiday Gift List
Any ideas for themes? I was thinking $25 & under, stocking stuffers, or
Client/Consultant/Employee Gifts???"

And these were the suggestions:

Stella Osborn: AirTag

Elsa Contreras: Personalized Stanley Cups, Starbucks Gift Cards

MarkandRachel Worley: Personalized Yeti Cups

Jeannine Engh: Homemade baked goods or canned items, tiny metal architectural scale

Annie Lou vonMizener: Chocolates in personalized boxes

these are probably pretty good for the price. there is an architect in town here who has a book that he made through them that is about $60 apiece but it is more because they don't put their name on it (which i said, put your own firm's name on a sticker over it.

i was really impressed with the quality of this little book from delta millworks and onetouchpoint and the size was good, though it is 5x6, my only suggestion for them was that it would have been nice to have the architects names for the projects in there.

Firella GP: Short thin ruler that doubles as a bookmark

Katelyn Kleinhaus-Theobald: Gift Cards for local businesses

Mickela Pallares: CMU pendant necklace, mini levels, mini laser pointers

Mayra Mahmood: Architecture coffee mug

Mani Ardalan Farhadi: Books written by and about Women in Architecture, JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion), Women's Empowerment, Equity in the Field

Sophia Kouli: Measuring tape keyrings, Anything with measuring tapes! etc., etc.

Sarah Hadskey: Personalized gifts like hats, etc.

One of my architecture friends has a firm that specializes in Mini Marts and Gas Stations , Nicole Lynam of KE Design, LLC and she collects Legos and gives her clients a model of the gas stations, which i think is a pretty cool gift. Either way, you can't go wrong giving LEGOS to Architects or their kids during the holidays!!!

Sketch for Schools Personalized Sketchbooks

Coffee and anything related to it..... I have always thought this one was cute, so i might put it on my gift list... at least i won't be getting white towels ever again....

On gift giving:

When Eve Guilbaud and I were doing the podcast, we spoke about Experiences: So if you wanted to take someone on a trip that they had always wanted to go on (this does not have to be a big trip!!!!), or someone loves flowers and you get them a flower subscription from a local florist or coffee subscription (these are gifts that are more sustainable than say a stuffed animal when you are over the age of 16) 

I personally put thought into gifts that I give people who are important to me. And I don't think it is always about saying "this is a gift", if i give a person a sketch that i did, it's a gift, if i give you a poem that i wrote, it's a gift. 

I have received some great gifts over the years and it isn’t like they were these valuable items. I joke about Tiffany’s but I don’t have any jewelry from there. 

The gifts that I think are the dearest to me are gifts that were made for me by the giver or a special dinner or experience with that person that made the relationship or connection stronger. I have also realized that sometimes losing a piece of jewelry or other item or having it stolen, can hurt at first but then you realize that it is more about the meaning of that gift that was given that is the loss that you feel and that memory will stay with you longer than material things. 

A handwritten note or a call to tell someone how much you love or care about them can mean a lot to someone.   

Peace be with you

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Eve Guilbaud, LEED AP

Architectural Territory Manager - Southern California

Loewen Windows & Doors 



For technical information please visit Loewen – Architectural Services

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