#interview #podcast with Christine Williamson of Building Science Fight Club

Christine Williamson
of Building Science Fight Club

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Christine Williamson has spent her career in building science forensics, discovering why buildings fail, and working with owners, architects, and builders to remedy the problems. She is the founder of the Instagram account @BuildingScienceFightClub, an educational project that teaches architects about building science and construction.  Christine also offers architects courses on building science and construction at BuildingScienceFightClub.com She graduated from Princeton University and received her Master's of Architecture from NewSchool of Architecture + Design.  She is past chair of ASHRAE Technical Committee 1.12, Moisture Management in Buildings and is a frequent lecturer on building science at universities and professional conferences and this fall she joins the faculty of Virginia Tech.

So, for all of you who have been wondering where Christine has been the last year you can check out her Instagram post that has received over 60k views!!!!!  

And I will pick out some photos from Christine's 3 Favorite Architects and Spaces but check back as we will have some updates!!!

Celeste Robbins, Architect
at her own house

Ok... so on to the "I've never met a woman architect before... " blog with Michele Grace Hottel, Architect

Here are the previous posts that I have from other Mother's Days: 

So my life has changed a little from the time that I started writing this blog... which I realized how much when I noticed that I had not written a blog on Mother's Day since 2021.

I went from a woman and architect who was married with three children who were all under the age of 18, to a woman who is now a "divorced widow" as some may call it, or a woman who is now "a single mom" to three adult children, the eldest who will be turning thirty this July. As will, the same month, my architecture practice.

I, as many women say, "I never thought I would be in this position" And I can very truly say that I cannot even imagine what it is like to be a single mom with small children, let alone a single mom with small children who is also an architect. I definitely see them and I know that they are working (have worked) their hardest to be the best they can at what they do every day. 

I saw my mom as a single mom, divorced (because our father left us) raising two children and  though I lived through it and I saw her doing it, and I knew that it wasn't easy for her, like all things, "until you go through it yourself, you have no idea.  And though I would not wish the last several years on anyone, I am glad that I had the best teacher that I could have had, the woman who taught me by watching her do it, 

My Mother.

Happy Mother's Day!

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